I got covid

Finally, covid has come to me. I started to cough and have headache. For a few days in the beginnin, all the self-tests that I performed were negative, but I was quite certain that this is covid because it has been around since a few weeks ago, at the workplace and accoreding to the contact-tracing app (Corona-Warn). I got my first positive result, 3 days after I got symptoms. So, I could get a PCR test (which also showed positive).

The first thing that I did was to tell my friends because I hanged out with them a day before I had symptoms. Fortunately, nobody got it after me. Then, I decided to live and sleep in the livingroom in my flat so that my partner does not get covid because of me. Fortunately, she didn’t get covid yet, so I guess this strategy has been successful so far.

I somehow felt that I would get covid quite soon. The omiron variant is quite invasive to the immune system despite multiple vaccinations. The infection rate has been quite high in NRW Germany in the last months. Also, I have travelled Ireland recently, and hanged out in bars without wearing masks with my friends. Well, I wasn’t cautious enough as in the beginning of the lockdown. Probably I am getting tired of this constraint social life, or simply because I got bolder as I got a booster shot.

Fortunately, my symptoms have been very mild except for the first 1-2 days. I feel completely normal although I get tired easily. Today I felt much better in the morning and it’s been already 4 days, so I did test. But the result was so obvious positive yet. On this Wednesday, it becomes officially a week, when I can be free from the isolation if I get tested negative.

I just spend my days working at home. In the evening, I suddenly have a lot of time alone, so I also try to read many papers. I am particularly into old, milestone papers nowadays.

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