What I cannot create, I do not understand.

Richard P. Feynman

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  • A little side project that can be useful for junior-level reserachers
    I have always thought, it would be nice to make a series notes of essential toolkits for everyone to know in the field of magnetism/spintronics. Sure, I am talking about theroetical tools — I am […]
  • Lots of things happened in 2022
    I realized that I did not post any blog article since summer. I would like to tell everyone that I am well and not dead. But the year of 2022 was the busiest moment so […]
  • Young Researcher’s Workshop
    In this week, I participated in SPICE Young Research Leaders Group Workshop, which was organized by Alex and Helena. It was held in Ingelheim, a charming village located not so far from Mainz and famous […]