Lots of things happened in 2022

I realized that I did not post any blog article since summer. I would like to tell everyone that I am well and not dead. But the year of 2022 was the busiest moment so far in my academic career. First, now that there is almost no Covid-related restrictions, I suddenly started to travel a […]

Young Researcher’s Workshop

In this week, I participated in SPICE Young Research Leaders Group Workshop, which was organized by Alex and Helena. It was held in Ingelheim, a charming village located not so far from Mainz and famous for many wineries in the neighborhood. As the workshop title says, only junior-level researchers could join the workshop, and the […]

DFT lectures

In the last week, just before the Easter holidays, I visited Mainz for giving lectures on the density functional theory. It was an intensive course style, rather than a broad introduction over a semester, and I dealt with lots of practical aspects. I skipped all formal stuffs such as the Hohenberg-Kohm theorem and the Kohn-Sham […]

Trip to Marseille

In the previous week, I visited a colleague of mine in Marseille. Although I have been to several workshops within Germany in recent years, I just realized that this was my first busienss trip to a foreign country since 2020, which excited me a bit. As I am trying to be more responsible for my […]

I got covid

Finally, covid has come to me. I started to cough and have headache. For a few days in the beginnin, all the self-tests that I performed were negative, but I was quite certain that this is covid because it has been around since a few weeks ago, at the workplace and accoreding to the contact-tracing […]

Vacation in Ireland

In the last weekend, I visited Ireland for a short vacation as covid restrictions were mostly lifted. I had great time there. To be honest, I didn’t know much about the country. Thanks to the trip, I had a chance to learn the people, their land, and their culture. At the end, I fell in […]

Why I like giving seminar talks in small groups

In 2022, so far I have given three group seminars, roughly one per month. I think all of them went quite nice, not only for delivering the knowledge but also for exchanging ideas. What I like in particular was “friendly atmosphere” in which everyone asks questions and shares opinions freely (Probably it’s because they are […]

I still enjoy dirty works in science

Nowadays I spend more time in supervising someone than in my own project, and I am also involved in many other collaboration projects. A good thing is that as I discuss on various topics in spin-orbitronics, this really helps me to have a broader and comprehensive perspective on the field. However, I cannot spend too […]

Recording a conference presentation

In the last week, I recorded my presentation for the upcoming Joint MMM-Intermag conference. I was invited to give a talk in the symposium Frontiers of Orbital Physics: Statics, Dynamics, and Transport of Orbital Angular Momentum, and my presentation is supposed to cover theoretical aspects of the orbital current, which is my main research expertise. […]

Two more experimental papers on the orbital torque

This month, two experimental papers, in which I also contributed, have been published: Soogil Lee, Min-Gu Kang, Dongwook Go, Dohyoung Kim, Jun-Ho Kang, Taekhyeon Lee, Geun-Hee Lee, Nyun Jong Lee, Sanghoon Kim, Kab-Jin Kim, Kyung-Jin Lee, Byong-Guk ParkEfficient conversion of orbital Hall current to spin current for spin-orbit torque switchingCommunications Physics 4,234 (2021) Dongjoon Lee, Dongwook Go, Hyeon-Jong […]


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