Vacation in Ireland

In the last weekend, I visited Ireland for a short vacation as covid restrictions were mostly lifted. I had great time there. To be honest, I didn’t know much about the country. Thanks to the trip, I had a chance to learn the people, their land, and their culture. At the end, I fell in love with Irish culture. Pubs in every cornerof the street, which also serve very nice Irish specialties. Inside pubs, it’s quite noisy and full of friendly people and I could also hear traditional Irish music and songs. But once I went outside of the busy urban area, I discovered wonderful nature that they have, from wide green field, where you can easily spot several cows and sheep, and breathtaking views of cliffs and coastlines. Although this trip was quite short, I will definitely visit this country again and spend more time.

Dublin city center

Trinity college and long room library

Amazing view of Moher cliff and west coast line

Galway, a cultural capital of western part of Ireland

Sure, one cannot miss their favourite sports, rugby, and great Irish beers.

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