Trip to Marseille

In the previous week, I visited a colleague of mine in Marseille. Although I have been to several workshops within Germany in recent years, I just realized that this was my first busienss trip to a foreign country since 2020, which excited me a bit. As I am trying to be more responsible for my consequences on the environment, I took trains from Aachen to Marseille, instead of taking airplanes. It took roughly 10 hours. But it wasn’t that bad as I had an internet and I could work during the trip.

The place where I visited was CINaM. It is located a bit far from the city center, but it’s surrounded by the beautiful nature. The institute covers wide area of “nanoscience”, which include chemists, material scientists, and physicists, etc. So, it was a bit challenge for me to give a seminar in front of people with various interests and backgrounds (but it went well, I think).

I spent effectively 4 days in Marseille, and I had great time there. Sure, scientific discussion we had were fantastic. It was so great to discuss in depth, which have totally missed during covid times. I got quite impressed that we discussed for 3 hours with 15 slides. This somehow reminded me of my PhD time. It was also a kind of small group, and we discussed quite intensively (still relaxed though) without worrying much about the time in group meetings. In fact, the atmosphere of the group was really similar to my former group!

By the way, the members of the group took me out for dinner and drinks in the evenings. I must admit that everyone was so nice to me, and I am quite happy that I had a chance to know nice people. We discussed not just science but also our lives and many other stuffs. Thanks to them, I could try some local restaurants with great food, away from tourists. Sure, I was very glad that I could try nice fresh seafood, which is hard to find in Germany.

Port area of Marseille in the night

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