Why I like giving seminar talks in small groups

In 2022, so far I have given three group seminars, roughly one per month. I think all of them went quite nice, not only for delivering the knowledge but also for exchanging ideas. What I like in particular was “friendly atmosphere” in which everyone asks questions and shares opinions freely (Probably it’s because they are in their home ground?). Many of them readily shared their preliminary data and asked me for my comments even though I am not sure if I am really helpful or not. Anyway, for this reason, a seminar talk often works as a trigger for the initiation of the collaboration.

I enjoy giving a talk because arranging various concepts and topics in a coherent manner gives me a fresh look on the subject that I thought I am quite familiar with. Also, each research group has different interest and strength. This means that I tend to look at the topic from their point of view, and I often discover new perspectives.

But preparation of a seminar takes at least a half to one day of working hour, and a new collaboration project starts. Well, I think I am quite swamped by too many projects, but at the same time, I am also always excited to learn new things by working with other groups. At least, I am trying to secure my private time for my partner and hobby…

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