Seminar at Paris

On this Monday, I visited Paris to give a seminar and discuss with my colleagues. The title of my seminar was “Crucial role of long-range orbital transport in spintronic systems”, a topic that I have been working since a few years ago. But I prepared half of my talk about the pedagogical introduction of the basic concepts in orbitronics; orbital-dependent energy splittings, a.k.a. orbital quenching, orbital texture, orbital current, response, etc. I think my talk went quite well, and at least most people seem to have followed the first half on the introduction. The second half of the talk could be a bit advanced for non-experts, but I tried to emphasize that the long-range transport of orbital angular momentum comes from the charateristic features of the underlying electronic structure.

Sure, I also took an opportunity to discuss with many people at different institutions. I thank André Thiaville for arranging everything. Everone was very kind and open to share their recent intersts, and I got nicely inspired by their enthusiasm. It was paricularly nice to know that they pay attention to my theory works as well as experimental works that I published with my collaborators.

The dinner that I had with a few colleagues was very good, and it was a kind of classic French meal; Apéritif, starter and main dish with wine, and desert — very different from the German traditional dinner with cold bread. Well-fed with nice French meals and inspiration for scientific ideas, I came back nicely by a Thalys express train that connects Paris Gare du Nord and Aachen Hbf.

Left: Nice warm evening dinner (from the left: me, Henri Jaffres, Michael Viret, and Andre Thiaville). Right: In the THz spectroscopy lab of Henri Jaffres.

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