Back to normal working routine

I have been on a quite long vacation recently and had wonderful time. It was the first time since I started my PhD study that I haven’t really studied or worked more than 2 months. Sure, I was thinking about physics and science, but my thoughts were more from very childish curiosity, like “how does the electronic wave function change — in its amplitude and phase — such that various (charge, spin, orbital) current flows?”, “What is happening (quantum mechanically) at the electrode in the transport geometry?” (I was thinking how the “quantum” measurement takes places in macroscopic scale), etc. I also got a few nice ideas on my own resarch projects, and I am testing them one by one nowadays.

The first week since I am back to work was kind of like the beginning of every semester when I was studying in schools and university. It felt so ackward to write equations (or just writing itself), and my way of describing physics seems rusty. But my brain was certainly much more malleable, and all the strains from too much work seem to have disappeared. But my productivity was extremely low 😂

Now I am almost back to normal working routine. Every evening, I write things to do tomorrow, and as soon as I wake up (feeling quite sleepy for sure, but I try to kick-start everyday…), I just eat something, hopefully healthy stuffs, and drive to the research centrer. I try to do creative jobs in the morning time and do the rest of the jobs (usually things that I should do – not necessarily boring nor unintersting). Anyway, feels good to be back!

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