Seminar talks

In the last weeks, I had two seminar talks: one from Uni-Halle in Germany and the other from CNRS-Thales in France. Due to current situation with COVID, both seminars were held online. The title of my seminar was “Orbital transport in spintronics” (yeah, that’s so surprising 😀). While the contents were almost identical, I prepraed a few extra slides because target audiences were different. In the Uni-Halle group, most people work mainly in theory, while the CNRS-Thales group works both in theory and experiment. As a result, type of questions were also quite different. I think cores of questions were not that different, but intents and motivations seem dependent on their backgrounds and interests. Regardless, I enjoyed discussions with researchers from both groups very much, and it was very nice opportunity for me to “re-think” what is really important in my research topic (Because I tend to get trapped in very technical aspects in the middle of any project). I would like to thank to my colleagues (Börge Göbel from Uni-Halle and Henri Jaffrès from CNRS-Thales) for inviting me to their group seminars. I just realized that I missed scientific discussion. Especially, when we talk about something beyond our current understanding (let’s say “publisehd” works), “raw” ideas pop up, whose arguments are not perfect but trigger lots of interesting thoughts.

If you’re curious about the contents of my talk, you can download it from here.

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