Relaxing weekend

During the weekend, I stopped thinking about the orbital current and enjoyed nature around my home since my friends came to visit me.

I was quite surprised to see that so many trees are already in colors. Sometimes when I foucs on the work, the life becomes like a series of office-home-office-home- … that repeats over and over (now it also includes “home office” that is just a few meters from my bed), I don’t notice how the season changes.

View over the city Aachen

Also, today we tatsed a very special food from Eifel (a mountain region near Germany-Belgium border): Senfsuppe. In translation, it means mustard soup. At first, I didn’t imagine at all if this can actually be a food. To me, mustard is just a sauce that goes together with meat, sausage, etc. We got all curious about its taste, and decided to have one bowl for each. Surprisingly, the taste was actually quite nice. It didn’t have much strong taste of mustard and it was quite harmonious with other ingredients (probably cream, potato, leek?). Also, we were a bit frozen due to cold weather, and Seufsuppe was really perfect.

Senfsuppe (Mustard soup), a specialty in Eifel.

I hope I can explore more of German culture (most importantly, food), but I don’t think I can travel much due to second wave of corona virus. Well, I guess I have to find some other things to do at home. Maybe it’s perfect time to focus on my research before the Christmas break.

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