Recently accepted papers

September of 2020 was quite exciting moment: It happened that three manuscripts have been acepted almost in every week one by one. I hope I can deal with each subject in later posts. Anyway, these are recently accepted manuscripts (As you can see, all these papers are related to orbital transport – the topic that I have been working on since many years ago). It seems that hard work finally started to pay off!

Imprinting and driving electronic orbital magnetism by magnons, Communications Physics, in press (preprint: arXiv:2006.13033)

In this paper, we find unusual interaction between electronic orbital angular momentum and magnon and predict a unique transport phenomena called “orbital Nernst effect of magnon. Excellent work by Li-chuan Zhang, who is the leading author of the paper and one of the PhD students in Topological Nanoelectronic Group.

Harnessing non-local orbital-to-spin conversion of interfacial orbital currents for efficient spin-orbit torques, Physical Review Letters, in press (preprint: arXiv:2006.03649)

This paper finds a crucial evidnece of orbital current generation in CuOx/Pt/TmIG, where exceptionally large spin-orbit torque has been experimentally measured. Wonderful collaboration with Shilei Ding from the group of Prof. Mathias Kläui, where all the measurements have been performed.

Theory of Current-Induced Angular Momentum Transfer Dynamics in Spin-Orbit Coupled Systems, Physical Review Research 2, 033401 (2020).

In this work, we developed a theoretical framework to describe angular momentum transfer dynamics in the system where spin and orbital dynamics coexist and are strongly entangled. With this formalism, holy grail of orbital dynamics becomes more transparent. I really enjoyed discussion and collaboration with Dr. Paul Haney from NIST.

Hopefully, I will come back to these papers one by one in later posts. I find these works very interesting and eager to share my thoughts (not just because I am an author!).

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